Having the best laptop for authors is essential for your success when you write for a living.

A laptop for writers doesn’t need to be very powerful. Unlike graphic designers, photographers, video editors, journalists, programmer, authors, and copywriters do not need as much power in their laptops to get them through a full day’s work.


Writers need the appropriate tools, including the best laptop which is good for writers/authors, to cater to their needs.


Which is Better for Writers: Mac or Chromebook?

This is dependent on your requirements and how you intend to utilize the laptop other than for writing.


Your laptop should have a good display with plenty of brightness and a blue light filter – just what you need to make looking at that laptop screen for hours more enjoyable.

Because they are what a writer uses the most, a comfortable and pleasing keyboard is even more crucial than a snappy and precise trackpad.

Of course, having a tiny and light design, all-day battery life, and a good camera doesn’t hurt, particularly working from home or the outdoors.

Mac Vs Chromebook

Chromebook is a one-of-a-kind device when compared to Mac computers. It doesn’t sell itself on paper, especially for aspiring business professionals who need powerful tools.


It has restricted capacity and apps, and it can’t achieve half of what a Mac laptop can.

This is a deal-breaker for people in need of a robust laptop, especially when hybrid work becomes the standard during the pandemic and at-home gadgets must be capable of handling large projects.

On the other hand, Chromebooks are often inexpensive, have a long-lasting battery, are simple to use, and are quick to start, making them ideal for people wishing to expand their WFH options without spending a fortune.

Furthermore, for a writer, they are some of the most protected devices available, so avoiding a security breach can significantly benefit.

If you only want to write, browse the internet, mail, and stream videos, a Chromebook is the way to go.

If you want a strong, user-friendly machine with a quality screen, get a MacBook.


Let’s look at the differences between a Mac and a Chromebook.


Overall Difference

Large availability of products is available.The product selection is limited.
A wide range of manufacturers are available.Model changes every six months.
Apps and storage in the cloud.iCloud provides cloud storage.
Running Android apps is an option.It’s more powerful than the majority of Chromebooks.
Linux is a more advanced alternative.Runs all Mac OS X applications.
The majority of apps are web-based.Because the apps and storage are local, using the internet is not required.
For the most part, you’ll need an internet connection.It’s lighter than Chromebooks.

Performance and Productivity

Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system Runs on macOS, which is based on Unix.
The majority of Chromebook hardware is inadequate.It outperforms the majority of Chromebooks.
Some of the more expensive Chromebooks have much higher processing power.Performance is comparable to that of high-end Chromebooks.
Google Docs are available.All of your macOS productivity apps are available to use.
Some Chromebooks can run Android apps to some extent.It works right out of the box without tweaking or booting into a different environment.
A full Linux desktop environment is available to power users.Advanced users can dual boot macOS and Windows to access programmes only available on Windows.
Screen sizes and resolutions, keypad types, and other design considerations can impact creativity.Screens, keyboards, and other items of uniformly high quality affect productivity.

Portability and Design

Low-cost units are typically hefty and large.The MacBook Air is a tiny and light laptop.
In terms of portability, more expensive devices can compete with the MacBook Air.Some solutions, like as MacBook Pros with huge screens, are less portable.
If the files you require haven’t been backed up locally, cloud-based design can be a problem.You can work from anywhere without needing to be connected to the internet.
Some condos include built-in wireless internet, but the majority will require you to find a hotspot.Aesthetics of a sleek, appealing design.
Depending on the make and model, battery life varies.The battery life is excellent.


A wide range of models are available to suit all budgets.Budget-conscious buyers have no choice but to purchase an older model.
Low-cost laptops are an affordable alternative to MacBooks and Windows laptops.It has a higher price tag than comparable laptops with equivalent hardware.
In terms of price, high-end Chromebooks can compete with MacBooks.All except the most high-end Chromebooks are more expensive.

FAQs on Chromebooks or Mac

Is Chromebook Good for Writers?

It’s great for on-the-go writing and editing. Of course, it’s better when you’re connected to the internet, but Google Drive also works offline; it merely keeps working until you reconnect to the internet, at which point it re-syncs with the cloud.

Are MacBooks Good for Writers?

A Mac is an excellent choice for education, work, or home use. As a writer, no matter whatever Macbook model you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Is a MacBook Better than a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are less expensive, safer, and have a longer battery life than laptops. If you need a laptop for something other than the internet, Windows laptops and MacBooks are noticeably more powerful and come with many more programs, but they also come at a significantly greater price.

Why do Writers use MacBook?

Macbooks contain features such as more accessible apps and backlit keyboards, which make using the laptop much more enjoyable—writing becomes a pleasure rather than a job with a Macbook.

Final Thoughts: Which One Should Authors Pick?


Because Chromebooks and MacBooks don’t fight for the same industry, deciding which one you need. If you’re on a low budget or have simple, uncomplicated requirements, an inexpensive Chromebook model is a way to go.

A MacBook is a great choice if you have a higher budget and need a laptop that can handle more demanding tasks wherever you are.