It is a nightmare to think your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on when you need it. You may see situations where the power adapter is plugged in, yet the Lenovo laptop is not turning on.

In most cases, it is because your battery is acting up or the power supply cables have worn out. Either way, it can cost you money and plenty of time to get it fixed.


It is like a heart attack to have an expensive laptop that won’t switch on. In my personal experience, you should go for laptops under $400. They are budget-friendly and equally efficient as any laptop around $700 or more.

Now coming back to the main question, what to do if your Lenovo laptop has a black screen?

I will tell you exactly why your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on and all the steps you need to follow to make it work again. 


So keep reading ahead.

Fix A Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Issues

There are multiple ways through which the Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On issue can be fixed. It includes checking your AC adapter, preventing overheating, using the emergency reset button, pressing the NOVO button, and others.  

Given below are the 7 things to do when your Lenovo laptop is not turning on

1. Charge your Laptop

Let me guess, you have pressed the power button for the 100th time, and yet your Lenovo laptop doesn’t turn on. Well, it can be because your laptop is not sufficiently charged to run. 


Under such a situation, plug in your AC charger and leave your device for some time. After it gets adequately charged, it will display the screen once again. You can use your laptop as soon as you attach it to a power supply, but it is better to let your device charge for a while.

2. Check the Charger

There might be cases where you have tried to charge your laptop, but it still won’t turn on. Here, try to check the status light indicator to know if your laptop is charging or not.

You will see the charging light indicator next to the charging port on your laptop’s side. If the indicator doesn’t light up when you plug in the power supply, there is an issue, either with your AC power adapter or the battery. 

Now check the charging cable for any signs of wear and tear. You must also inspect for visible damage, burning signs, dirt, and dust particles.

Note: Always use an authentic and original AC adapter for your device’s health.

There might be cases where the charger looks all okay but is actually faulty. This can cause harm to your laptop and won’t let it turn on. The steps given below will let you know if your charger has any defects:


Step1: Remove all plugged-in devices from your laptop (USB, AC adapter, pen drives, Bluetooth device connector, etc.)

Step2: If possible, remove the battery from your Lenovo laptop and for 30 seconds, press the power button.

Step3: Put the battery back, but do not attach the charger. With this, try to switch on your device.

If your laptop screen is activated and switched on, you need to get a new charger, as the present one is faulty.

3. Look Out for Battery Damage

You might see that your Lenovo laptop is charging but not turning on. If your battery is very old it can start acting up and prevent the laptop from switching on.


It is only natural that parts of an electronic device eventually become less efficient. If such is the case, then no matter how much you charge, your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on.

You can know whether the battery of your Lenovo device is working correctly or not by following these steps –

Step1: Begin by taking out all the plugged-ins and the battery from your laptop.

Step2: Hold and press the power button for 30 seconds.

Step3: Now, plug in your AC adapter (not the battery) and switch on the power flow.

If your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, it means your battery is okay. Otherwise, you will need to change the battery before you can use your device properly again.

4. Use the Emergency Reset Button

Suppose the battery and charger of your Lenovo laptop are fine. In that case, you can try resetting your device with the Emergency Button to remove the issue of the Lenovo laptop not turning on.

Doing so will cut out all the external and internal power from your laptop such that it can reset.


But how will I reset my laptop when my Lenovo laptop won’t turn on in the first place? The answer to it is in the steps given below:

Step1: Unplug your laptop from the power supply and remove the battery if possible. 

Step2: Find a small hole with your laptop’s backside facing up. This is the Emergency Reset Hole.

Step3: Insert a paper clip or similar material into the tiny hole and press it for 10 to 30 seconds.

Step4: Once done, put the battery in place. 


Step5: Turn your Lenovo laptop around and try to switch it on. 

If you do not see any Emergency Reset hole on your Lenovo device, you can press the power button for 60 seconds to reset it. 

5. Utilize the NOVO Button

If your Lenovo laptop doesn’t turn on even after all this, you need to enter the recovery mode by using the NOVO button. It is similar to the Emergency reset Hole, but instead, it directly boots into the recovery BIOS.

Many Lenovo models come with the NOVO button on the side of the AC cable portal. You will see a downward curved arrow beside the NOVO button. It looks like an inverted u with an arrowhead.

Insert a paper click and press it for 10 seconds to activate the NOVO button, then try switching on your Lenovo laptop.

6. Prevent Overheating

Every computer comes with an inbuilt protection system that prevents overheating. This is because excessive heat can damage the sensitive electronic organs of the device. For example, this often happens when you use your laptop on the bed.

If your Lenovo laptop is charging but not turning on, it might be due to the thermal protection system that automatically switches off the laptop.


Check the base of the laptop, if it is hot, follow these steps:

Step1: Keep your laptop undisturbed in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. 

Step2: If you can, remove the battery and let it cool for around one hour. 

Step3: Once cooled, put the battery back inside and try to switch on your Lenovo laptop. 

Now your Lenovo laptop will turn on. In order to prevent overheating in the future, make sure the vents have proper airflow and are not blocked.

Also, if your device keeps getting hot after minimum use, get the cooling pads a check-up from Lenovo experts.

7. Remove Residual Charge

Sometimes there remains a small amount of residual charge in your laptop. It is like an electric blockage that can hinder the laptop’s starting up. This internal power glitch can be corrected in just a few steps:

Step1: Remove the battery from your Lenovo laptop and disconnect the AC adapter. 

Step2: Press the power button 10 times within 10 seconds. Once again, hit the power button, but this time, hold it for around 30 seconds.

Step3: Put in the AC charger and switch on the power supply without inserting the battery back.

Step4: Try to turn on your Lenovo laptop, if it boots up, let it complete the process. Once it is on, wait for 5 minutes and switch it off properly.

Step5: Now put the battery back in, and press the power key to use your laptop.

Note: If none of these steps helps you turn on your Lenovo laptop, you must visit their experts for help.

Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On?

Lenovo Laptop Black Screen

If your Lenovo laptop is not turning on, it could be because the battery is inadequately charged or because of some problem with your charger. 

This is a common scenario but not the only reason your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. There will be cases where you will see your Lenovo laptop charging but not turning on. 

It may often be due to overheating or even when the AC adaptor is not providing a sufficient amount of voltage to the device to function properly. 

Knowing the reason behind the blank screen of your Lenovo laptop can help you perform the right procedure to recover it. Other reasons as to why the Lenovo screen won’t turn on include: 

  • Improper shutdown of the laptop. 
  • Hardware or Software issues.
  • The poor state of cables and battery.
  • Improper plugin of the AC adaptor.
  • Issue with BIOS.
  • Problem with the power button.

Once you figure out the root cause behind the laptop black screen, you can take the necessary steps to resolve it. 

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning With Beeping Sounds

If your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on and keeps making a strange beep sound, you should get it serviced as soon as possible. There is a high chance that some hardware damage is causing the beeps and won’t turn on your Lenovo laptop. 

If you have to use your laptop very urgently or if you are unable to connect with an expert, here is what you can do:

Begin with resetting your laptop by the Emergency reset button on the back of your laptop. Follow these steps:

Step1: Take the battery of your Lenovo laptop out and detach all plugins. 

Step2: Inset a paper clip in the Emergency Resetting Hole at the back of your laptop. 

Step3: Then place the battery back in and try to turn on your laptop. 

Once your laptop is no longer showing a blank screen, you can move ahead to deal with the beeping sound with these steps: 

Step1: Once your laptop is on, proceed to reboot it while pressing the F1 key multiple times. Doing so will take you to the BIOS. 

Step2: Select the Configure tab and hit enter.

Step3: After this, you will need to highlight the Beep and Alarm section and press enter. 

Step4: You will see the tab for Keyboard beep, select it, and then hit the Disabled option on the pop-up. 

Step5: Lastly, using the F10 key, save and exit the BIOS.

Note: You should not alter the BIOS setting unless you are really sure about what you are doing. Get an expert to help you with it. You can reach out to the Lenovo Support Desk here or find the nearest Lenovo Service Provider here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lenovo Reset Button?

All Lenovo laptops have an emergency button at the back of them. It is a pin-hole button that can be activated by pressing it for around 10 seconds with a paper clip. It is a tiny hole near the battery section.

How do I Force My Lenovo Laptop to Turn On?

To force your Lenovo laptop to turn on, you must take its battery out, unplug all inputs and then press the power button for 30 seconds. This way, all residual charges will be cleared up. Then put the battery back in and try to start your Lenovo laptop.

Why is Lenovo Screen Black?

There are many reasons behind Lenovo’s black screen, including hardware damage, wear and tear of the battery, issues with some software, faulty display, etc.

Is Lenovo a good brand for gaming laptop?

Yes of course, It is one of the best brands for gaming laptops. You should choose “Lenovo Ideapad L340” for best gaming experience with best budget.


With these methods, you will never have to search ‘Lenovo laptop won’t turn on’ again. Now you can force Lenovo laptop to turn on by using the external pin-hole buttons.

Also, always use Lenovo’s original AC Adapter to charge your Lenovo device. If you keep facing issues, it is best to contact the Lenovo Support team.