What if I say by knowing how to split screen on Dell Laptop, you can easily navigate amidst multiple tabs and software?  

It’s done with the Snap Assist feature and the Dell Latitude 13-7350 Series Split Screen function present in your Dell laptop.


This gives you the power to use your laptop for online meetings or as a trading laptop. This way, you can quickly switch windows to glance at the stock prices and use the same laptop for writing notes about the meeting.

In a way, multitasking becomes easier once you know the steps of how to split screen on a Dell laptop.

Method1: Use Dell Latitude Feature

This is the in-built feature of the Dell laptops that enables it to split screen upon activation. If you have Windows 8 or above on your Dell laptop, the Dell Latitude Split Screen is the easiest way to multitask. 


Here is how to activate the Dell Latitude 13-7350 Series Split Screen:

Step1: Open the apps you want to see on the screen. 


Step2: Click and hold the pointer on the second application 

Step3: Now, you will see that the screen has split. Hence release the mouse after putting the application in the desired place. 


That is all. Wasn’t it super easy?

Keyboard Shortcut: If you use your Dell laptop for gaming, use this shortcut ( F11 + left or right arrow key) to split the screen in no time. 

Method2: Switch on Snap Assist

Snap Assist allows you to drag the window to any corner of the screen, which will trigger your system to snap it into the 1/4th (usually) of the screen. Hence leaving the rest of the space for other windows. 


Now you can stream endless music or attend zoom meetings with the best quality headphones along with doing your assignments. 

This will require you to follow these steps: 

Step1: Launch apps on your system. 

Step2: Open one of the programs and move the pointer to the topmost bar and give the left button of your mouse a long press. 

Step3: Gently give the mouse a slight movement.

Step4: Soon, the window will snap out of the maximize mode and be ready to be placed in an apt position. 


Step5: This will leave the rest of the screen for the other software

Method3: Drag & Drop Windows into 2 Vertical Sections

The best part about this method is that it will help split screens on Dell laptops under $700 and all those high-end models.

You can have any Dell Laptop, those with OS 7 or even Windows 10, this method will work like a charm. 


Here is how you can easily split screen on any Dell laptop: 

Step1: Open and run the software programs that you need to jump in between, with at least one of them in full-screen mode. 

Step2: Now proceed to click and hold the top most bar of the window, and give it a slight movement. 

Step3: You will see the application has exited the maximized mode and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. 


Step4: Move the window to the right side of your screen till a vertical division appears on the screen. 

Step5: Once you see the division, leave the mouse click to place the screen in the altered position. 

Doing so will shift the active task to the right side of the screen and will display all the remaining in-progress programs on the left side. You can click on any one of them to place it on the remaining part of the screen. 


Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Key + (a number key) will help you jump among the apps pinned/open on your taskbar. The number key depends on the placement of the app on the taskbar. 

E.g.: If MS Words is the 3rd program on your taskbar, you can use Window Key + 3 to open it directly. 

Method4: Split Screen with More than 2 Apps

For the sake of clarity, try out this method with 4 applications open on your laptop. This way, the steps involved in this method can be efficiently followed. 


Step1: Launch 4 apps to activate the split screen on your Dell laptop via this method. 

Step2: Make sure all of them are in full-screen mode. 

Step3: Click and drag one of the software to any corner of the screen. Do so until you see a quarter or small section on your screen.

Step4: Release the mouse and click to place it into the section. 

Step5: Repeat the same process with the remaining 3 apps by positioning them to the rest of the 3 corners. 


You will see the apps being arranged in 1/4th part of the screen individually. This multiple monitor setup for Dell laptop screen works best with Windows 10 and 11 OS, as they come with multiple split screen options for Dell Laptops. 

Screen Slip on Dell LAptop when Default Features are not Working

If your Dell laptop’s default settings cannot trigger the split screen command, you can get help from various paid and free third-party software. 

There are endless numbers of online applications that can help you customize and manage your workflow with their unique screen splitting and griding features. Few of them include names like 

  • WindowGrid(Free of cost)
  • AquaSnap ( free & has premium paid features)
  • GridMove (Free of cost)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shortcut for Split Screen on Dell Laptop?

Use Windows Key + Arrow Key (Right/ Left) to split screen on Dell Laptop in just 2 seconds. Doing so will activate the Snap Assist feature on your Dell laptop.

How do I Make Two Windows Side by Side?

Right click on taskbar>> Show windows side by side are the steps to put windows side by side.

Can you Split-screen on a Dell Monitor?

It is possible to split screen on a Dell monitor by dragging and dropping one of the active windows to the right/ left side until a vertical division appears.

Wrap Up

With these methods, you can easily activate the split screen on your Dell laptop. Now manage your tasks simultaneously. With all your work organized right before your eyes at the same time, you will never have to feel lost again.  Happy Multitasking to you!