You must know how to measure laptop size in order to buy the right sized laptop accessories like sleeves and laptop skin.

Knowing the measure of your laptop screen is the information on laptop owners can miss. It doesn’t matter if you are a retired person looking for laptops for seniors or a corporate employee spending time on your laptop for video conferencing, you must pay heed to the screen size of your laptop.


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This guide will show you the steps to measure your laptop size and answer all related questions. Note that before we begin, you will need a calculator to convert the unit of measurement and a measuring tape. 

Measure Laptop Size

Knowing the steps to measure laptop screen will also come in handy when buying laptops for digital art or gaming, as the display screen is an immense part of the listed fields. 


You must note that measuring a laptop size goes beyond measuring the screen size. It includes various dimensions like height, length, width, and screen size. Thus you must first understand the listed dimensions: 

Screen SizeThe diagonal length of the screen
LengthThe measure from USB port to CD Driver
WidthDistance of laptop’s open side to hinges
heightThe thickness of laptop (top to bottom surface)

Following are the steps to measure laptop size: 

How to Measure Laptop Size: 4 Steps to Follow

1. Place the measuring tape on one of the top edges of your laptop screen. And take the other end towards the opposite bottom edge to measure the diagonal of the laptop screen. The value of the screen can be anywhere from 10 inches to 16 inches. 

2. To measure the length of the laptop, close the laptop and put the measuring tape in a side-to-side way, i.e., from the USB port edge to the CD driver edge. 


3. Next, measure the laptop’s width taking the unit distance from the mouth to the laptop’s hinges. The most common measure of a laptop’s length is 10 inches. 

4. Lastly comes the height of your laptop. This is the overall value from the top surface to the back of the laptop. It will be around 1 or 2 inches.

The laptop size will depend on the size and quality of your laptop’s hardware. Once you have all these details, you can check the details of the laptop accessories you wish to buy or check the size of the laptop you are aiming to buy. 

Note: The value written next to the laptop on the shopping site is the screen’s diagonal measurement. It is the actual measure of the laptop screen and does not include the case.  

Laptop Screen Size in Centimeter

However, it may happen that you have undertaken the steps to measure laptop size in inches, and the laptop accessories’ dimensions are given in some other unit like centimeters. 


This is where the calculator comes into play. You can use the following conversion value to convert the laptop size into cm:

  • 1 inch = 2.54 centimeter
  • 1 centimeter = 0.39 inches

A sample example of this will be: 

Inches 1Centimeter 2.54
14 (screen)35.56
7 (width)17.78
11 (length)27.94
1.25 (height)3.175

Note: Always keep the measuring tape at a straight angle (180 degrees) while measuring your laptop’s dimensions. 

That is the entire math you need to do when it comes to measuring laptop size. 


How to Know Screen Size of a Laptop without Measuring?

Firstly, is it possible to check the size of the laptop without actually measuring it? 

Yes, it is. For this, you need your laptop specifications like its model number, users’ manual, and other specifications. 

Take a look at the flowing points: 

  • Most brands filter a specific model number under a particular screen size; for instance, the 14-dq1xxx model number of the HP laptop signifies that the laptop has a 14 inches screen size. 
  • If this was not enough, they also left a note about the laptop size on the back of the laptop. But if it is not there, you may try looking up the official webpage of the manufacturer brand and heading to the details section. 
  • Apart from this, the user manual will also hold information about laptop size. 

FAQs on Measuring Laptops

Can a 15.6 inch laptop fit in a 15 inch sleeve?

A 15.6 inch laptop won’t fit in a 15 inch sleeve. Instead, get a 17 inch sleeve for a 15.6 inch laptop screen.

How do I measure my laptop to buy a case?

You should measure the diagonal length of your laptop screen to know the size of your laptop when aiming to buy a laptop case. Then measure dimensions like the length, width and height of your laptop. Finally, compare it to the size of the case.

What size is a 15.6 laptop?

If the laptop size is given to be 15.6 inches, it means that the diagonal length of your laptop screen is 39.6 cm. Such a laptop may have a height of 0.63 inches (1 cm), a length of 14.15 inches (35.9 cm) and a width around 9 inches (22 cm). An example is Samsung Notebook 7.

What is a standard-size laptop?

The standard laptop screen size is around 14 to 16 inches.


With this, you know how to measure laptop size. Now you can get the perfect sized laptop and even buy your laptop a fitted accessory like a case or bag. Remember that you need not include the hinges and case while measuring the laptop size.