You can make the text bigger or smaller on the laptop for easier reading.

While some people may favour the default font size in Windows 10 or macOS, others may prefer to modify the font size on their laptops.


Note that the procedures you must do will differ based on the operating system on your machine. Follow the instructions below that relate to your operating system.

Windows 10 supports so-called ‘high-DPI’ well, automatically adjusting components and text to normal size. This implies that even if you have a 15-inch laptop with a 4K display (3840×2160 pixels), Windows should look the same on a display with a quarter of the resolution – or less.

However, if you think that the font on your screen is too small or too huge, irrespective of the resolution, here’s how to modify it.


You can easily modify the font size for the entire operating system or a specific interface, whether you have a PC or a Mac.

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How to Change Text Size in Windows 10?

Follow the below steps to change font size in Windows 10 –

1. Go to your windows 10 Laptop Settings.


2. Select Ease of Access from the menu options.

3. To modify the font size, go to Display and utilise the scale under the Make text bigger header.

4. You’ll see a sneak of the font size as you move the slider.


5. Click Apply when you’ve got the text the way you want it.

This should adjust the font size throughout the entire Windows system and all programmes and apps on your computer after completion. By repeating the procedures above, you can modify the text size.

While Viewing An Internet Page

By holding down Ctrl and continuously pressing plus (+), you may make text easier to read when browsing the web.

Click Control (Ctrl) and minus to decrease the size of the text (-).

Hold Control and press zero to restore the text to its original size (0).

How to Change Text Size in MacOS?

The “Zoom” feature on the Mac.


The zoom feature is identical on a Mac, but you’ll use the Command key with + or – instead. To zoom in or out on your Mac, press and hold near the bottom-left of the keyboard, then use either of the zoom buttons.

Only the font size, not the image size, will change if you also hold down Option.

1. Launch the Finder application.


2. Click the Finder app icon in your Mac’s Dock, which looks like a blue face.

3. Select View from the navigation bar.

4. It’s located in the upper-left corner of your Mac’s display. There will be a drop-down menu.

3. Select Show View Options from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu contains this choice. A pop-up window appears when you click it.


4. Select Text size from the drop-down box. The View Options pop-up window has it near the top.

Select the font size you want to use from the drop-down selection that appears.

Note: If you alter the format of your Finder’s display, you’ll have to repeat the operation.


Permanently Increase Text Size in Chrome Browser

Chrome allows you to choose a permanent zoom level or a larger default font, which enlarges text while leaving graphics and other design components the same size.

1. From the menu, choose Settings.

2. Select Show Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.


3. If you wish to enlarge the text, choose a font size. To make items bigger, choose Large or Very Large instead of Medium.

4. Select a zoom level if you want to set a general zoom for all parts of each page, including graphics.

In any web browser, you can increase the text size.

In any major browser — Edge, IE, Chrome, or Firefox — pressing CTRL + will magnify in on a web page, enlarging the images and text. Ctrl-clicking zooms out. In any browser, you can also choose Zoom from the menu.

Every web page you view in Edge and Internet Explorer has the same zoom level. Nevertheless, the magnification only stays constant within a domain in Chrome and Firefox, so if you zoom in on laptopmag.com’s home page and then go to tomsgiude.com, you’ll have to zoom in again.



How do I Change the Font Size on an iPhone?

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size to modify the text size. To increase the font size, drag the slider to the right, and to decrease text size, drag it to the left. If you require larger text, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, press Larger Text, and select from the options.

How do I Change the Font Size on Kindle?

To adjust the font size on your Kindle, bring up the Reading Toolbar by tapping on the screen. To view page display settings, select Aa. To change the font size on your device, tap another Aa size. Additionally, you can alter the font, line spacing, and margins.

How do I Change the Font Size in Outlook?

In Outlook 2010 and later, go to File > Options > Mail > Stationery and Fonts to adjust the font size. Under New Mail Messages, Replying or Forwarding Messages, and Composing and Reading Plain Text Messages, pick Font and then size and style.

Final Words

So, this was all about how to make text size bigger or smaller in laptop. If you are having difficulty reading on your laptop, making the font size bigger can help you. Follow the above article and learn how to make the text size big on both macOS and Windows operating systems.