Entering the BIOS on your HP Laptop can help you perform various tasks. Once you know what is HP laptop BIOS key, you can easily access advanced BIOS setting on Windows 10 and 11 likewise. 

If your laptop won’t turn on, you can easily reset the BIOS setting to solve the issue. Furthermore, you must clean your system from bug attacks if you have an online streaming laptop


Hence knowing how to get inside HP laptops’ BIOS is very important. 

This article will explore the same.

Ways to Open BIOS on HP Laptop

The HP BIOS can be activated by using the F10 key from your laptop. The same can be done with the help of the Esc key.


Now you can easily alter your system settings.

However, to go to the BIOS Setting menu on your HP laptop, you need to know when and how many times you must press the F10 key. 

Simply clicking the Esc. or the F10 keys, you will not enter the HP BIOS in Windows 10.

Take a peek at the following methods –


Method1 – Enter Bios In Windows 10 Using Hotkey While Booting

In simple terms, a Hotkey is a specific function key or a combination of keys that help you trigger a particular task response from your system. 

The Hotkey used to open HP BIOS setup is F10. The Hotkey is a faster and more efficient way of accessing HP laptops’ BIOS settings. 

Here is how you can use the F10 key to go to the BIOS menu –

Step1: Begin by turning off your HP laptop and restart it again after 2 minutes.

Step2: As soon as you press the power button, repeatedly press the F10 key on your keyboard till you see a setting menu opening up.


Step3: This is BIOS setup utility screen, indicating that you have entered BIOS in your HP laptop Windows 10.

Note: For different HP products, the Hotkey can be different. Hence it is best to check the user manual to know the right BIOS setup key.

Method2 – Open HP BIOS without Restarting 

Intensive gaming, heavy documents, and advanced graphic setting can hamper the functioning of your laptop; this is true if you have sensitive gaming laptops. 

This is enough reason that you know how to access features programmed in the BIOS without restarting your HP Laptop: 


Step1: Go to the Starts menu from your taskbar. 

Step2: From the bottom-left section, click on the Settings icon. 

Tip: You can right-click on the start option and select the Settings tab from there. Or, simply use this keyboard shortcut: Windows Key + I

Step3: On the Settings page, select the Update & Security section, and from there, click on the Recovery menu. 


Step4: Hit the Restart Now button under the Advanced Startup section. 

Step5: Next, pick the Troubleshoot option out of these 4- Use a device, Turn off Your PC, Continue or Troubleshoot. 

Step6: After this, select the UEFI Firmware Settings option, and conform restarting your HP laptop. 

Your screen will switch to the HP BIOS Settings window automatically. 

Method3 – How To Get Into BIOS On HP Laptop Windows 8

The next method works on HP laptops with Windows 8, 10, and 11 systems. This method is similar to the Hotkey one, with the difference that instead of using the F10 yet, you will have to press the Esc key. 

Let us look at the steps in detail:

Step1: Switch off your laptop or put it into restart mode.

Step2: As the system begins booting, continuously click the Esc key until you reach the Startup Menu.


Step3: Here, press the F10 key to access the BIOS Setup page. 

And you are done. If you use your laptop for programming and coding, knowing these methods on how to go to the BIOS on your laptop can come in handy.

How to Reset BIOS to Default HP?

By entering the BIOS, you can not only change the setting as per your choice but also can reset the changed settings to the default mode. 

Here is how you can reset the default BIOS Setup Settings on your HP laptop: 

Step1: Open the BIOS Settings menu on your laptop by clicking the F10/ Esc key while the laptop is booting. 


Step2: Under the Main section, select the Restore Default tab.

Step3: Click on the Yes button to confirm your choice. 

With that, your altered BIOS choices are now set as per the Default System Setting. However, always remember to save the change by clicking on Save Changes & Exit section. 

Why Can’t I Enter HP BIOS?

If you are unable to enter the BIOS Settings page on your HP laptop, it might be because your system is powering-on at an enormously high speed or your Hotkey is not working properly. 

Under such a situation, you should follow these steps by using an emergency boot:

Step1: Get Troubleshooting boot up, USB Driver, and allow it to boot on your laptop. 

Step2: Hit the Repair your Computer tab as it first appears, and then select Troubleshoot option

Step3: Under this section, click on the EFI Firmware Setting tab and finally click on the Restart option. 

Here is the flow of these steps: 

Repair your computer>> Troubleshooting>> EFI Firmware Settings>>Restart

If this method does not work for you, contact the nearest HP service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get into BIOS on HP Laptop?

To enter BIOS on HP laptop, press the F10 multiple times while starting your laptop. You can also use the Esc key to open the Start Up menu & click F10 to go into HP BIOS.

How Can I Enter BIOS if F10 Key is not Working?

Settings>Update & Security>Recovery>Troubleshoot>UEFI Firmware Settings will take you to BIOS Settings when the F10 key cannot.

How do I Set My HP BIOS to Boot from USB?

Set the BIOS sequence such that the USB device is on top>>Plugg-in the USB device>>Restart HP laptop. Then press any key to confirm the booting process, and your HP BIOS will boot from the USB.


That is all from my side on how to enter BIOS on your HP laptop. Just by using the F10 key you can enable the BIOS on your system and make necessary changes.

Always remember that if you are facing repeated problems from your HP BIOS, you should get your laptop checked by experts.