Here, I will show you how one can download Virtual DJ on a laptop to start DJing anywhere anytime.

Gone are the days when DJ artists had to log around a set of heavy pieces of equipment like turntables, controllers, and mixers. Nowadays, the best laptop for virtual DJ would suffice.


That’s right, this is the digital era where everything, including music, is going digital. First, people turned to purchase digital copies of albums and songs. Now, the traditional DJ artist is replacing a large setup with a small one – something that they can just put on their laps.

Yes, we are talking about a laptop, the perfect conduit for a music-lover who wants to kick-start their DJing career.

Primary Requirements for a Digital DJ

Unlike the olden times, now DJ artists don’t need to invest in a lot of stuff to kick-start their careers. Sure, they cannot make do with just the basic setup for all their lives. But it’s enough to get them started and build a support base before they move on to add more professional add-ons to their gigs.


Fortunately, they don’t have to think about that now. Because for starters, DJ artists only have two primary requirements:

  • A Laptop
  • A DJ Software for mixing/controlling songs

Sounds too good to be true?

We assure you, it’s too good and true as well.

A digital DJ experience might not be as wholesome as making that classic scratching sound on a turntable. But it’s enough to get the job done. With the laptop’s keyboard and the in-build mouse, customers won’t have to invest in anything else unless they want to themselves.


So let’s talk about the laptop. What kind of a laptop should a DJ aspirant purchase for a good digital experience? Not much. It’s not like gaming, you don’t have to go gaga about specifications. A decent laptop would be enough.

Here’s what we recommend –

  • CPU & Processor: An i5 or AMD equivalent offering up to 2.0 GHz of processing speed.
  • RAM: A laptop with at least 8 GB RAM would do the trick.
  • GPU: Not important, but a built-in Intel GPU could be good to ease the workload on the CPU.
  • Storage: If you are going for a Hard Disk Drive, then go for at least 1 TB of storage space. DJ artists need a lot of free space to keep different tracks and songs that they will experiment with.

And that’s it! If you haven’t been living under the rock, you’ll see that these requirements are pretty basic. All the decent laptops in the market offer these specifications as the bare minimum. So you won’t have to invest a lot in a good laptop.

Let’s talk about the more important requirement now – good DJ software.

Finding a Good Software for Digital DJing

Good DJ software is more important than a good laptop. If you don’t have an application for that, how will you make music, by pressing keys on your laptop?

Fortunately, there are tons of mixers and DJ software available on the internet. Some of them are free, but most of them are paid. At least their premium versions are paid, and they hoard all the important and interesting features.


Thus, all DJ artists need to choose their software well, especially in the case of beginners as they will be acquainted with the whole digital system through their first software.

Fortunately, there is popular software in the market that offers a ton of features, even for users opting for the free version.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to download, install, and use that software on your laptop.

Downloading Virtual DJ on your Laptop

The VirtualDJ is one of the most popular software in the industry. It’s been around for many years and has become the primary choice of many professionals and beginners alike. The difference is that the professionals opt for the Pro (paid) version of the software, while beginners contend themselves with the free edition.

About Virtual DJ

VirtualDJ is a great digital DJ software developed by Atomix Productions. It primarily serves as a great substitute for traditional mixers that DJs always used for mixing and playing their tracks.


Through VirtualDJ, users can not only manipulate and mix different songs, tracks, and clips but also enjoy the option to record their audios and videos. They also have the unique option to broadcast their mix-tape directly through their laptops.

The New Update

A good news for all the digital DJ enthusiasts – VirtualDJ came up with a new update in 2022, four years after its last upgrade. The 2022 edition comes in 4 layouts – Starters, Pro, Essentials, and Performance.

Users can change the layout and customize different options based on their requirements. For instance, the Pro layout will have 4 decks for DJing instead of the standard 2 decks.

Now comes the important part – how can we download Virtual DJ on our laptops?

Steps to Download and Install Virtual DJ on Laptop

Here’s a simple guide on how you can download and start using VirtualDJ on your laptop –

1. Visit VirtualDJ’s official website at www.VirtualDj.com.

2. The homepage will be the download screen itself. Choose your Operating System – either Windows or macOS.

3. After choosing your laptop’s operating system, the download will commence on its own. Wait for your browser to download the setup file.

Download Virtual DJ on Laptop
Download Virtual DJ on Laptop

4. Once the download is complete, double-click on the file to open it.

5. This will commence the installation process. Read the terms of license and conditions, and click on Install.

6. Follow the prompts and instructions to complete the installation process. It will be a simple series of steps, nothing complicated.

7. After the installation process is complete, click on Launch VirtualDJ to start the software.

The software will then load. You can add in a specific music or audio track and start working your magic.


How to Use VirtualDJ: Beginners’ Guide

VirtualDJ 2022 is an immensely popular program. It features several specifications that are perfect for a DJ to kick-start their career.

The basic, free version of the software is good enough for beginners. It comes with a two-deck console which is convenient for newbies and amateurs.

In fact, even some professional artists prefer to keep it smooth and simple with a two-deck layout instead of a 4-deck one.

Many people use VirtualDJ to meet their DJing requirements. Some others download it simply because they like mixing music and audio tracks for themselves.

The software also offers multiple additional features, providing a wholesome experience to the users. Some of these include:

  • Audio and video recording.
  • Burning discs and CDs.
  • Karaoke feature for party nights.

With all these exciting features, VirtualDJ is a hit among teenage parties. The program makes it really easy for users to organize their music tracks, mixes, and playlists. It also has a sort and filter option through which users can find trending audios, specific music, and sounds with a particular BPM or key.

The actual layout of the software is impressive. It is a close imitation of a real turntable. So if you master the controls and layout of VirtualDJ, you’d be able to work on an actual turntable quicker.


All the important buttons, such as Effects, Record, Sampler, and so on are on the lower end of the screen. There are tons of effects that users can use to manipulate their audios, giving a unique identity to each of them.

If you are a DJ artist who likes to capture the viewers through visual displays, there are video effects available too.

All in all, it is pretty convenient and easy to use VirtualDJ, and it is one of the most popular software in the market for a reason.

Final Thoughts

Many people consider Digital DJing a fad in the industry. But professionals believe it’s more than that. It can act as a key to removing heavy and expensive equipment like turntables and controllers.

Even some popular DJ artists are using nothing other than a laptop and software to create their music.

With applications like VirtualDJ, the industry might oversee a huge revolution.