Knowing how to delete WhatsApp images in laptop can save you a lot of essential virtual space. This can be done by selecting the Delete Message option from the downward arrow icon on the top right corner of the media message.

With the rise of WhatsApp, messaging and sharing of media files have become more accessible. So much so that downloaded WhatsApp media files take up the majority of our computer devices’ space.


Moreover, deleting it from your phone will not remove it from the original message window stored on your laptop.

Those who use photo editing laptops for designing work will know how troublesome it can be if WhatsApp images on laptops are not managed properly.

This brings us to a new question: is it enough to remove images from WhatsApp, or should you clean your laptop too?


This Guide will show all the steps to delete WhatsApp images from laptop, besides answering plenty of such questions.

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Images in Laptop

The steps which let you delete WhatsApp images in a laptop are fairly simple. The add on about them is that you can use them on any laptop.

Given below are the steps to remove images from WhatsApp in laptop –

1. Launch the WhatsApp Web portal or the WhatsApp Desktop App from App Store or Play Store.


2. You will see a QR code on your screen; it will help you link your Whatsapp in Laptop to your WhatsApp account. Here is how you can do it –

  • Open WhatsApp App on your phone and tap the 3 dots on the top right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Linked Devices option. 
  •  Click on the green-colored Link A Device tab and scan the QR code available on your desktop. 

Now that you can access your WhatsApp from your desktop, you are ready to delete WhatsApp images in laptop. 

3. Find the chat window from where you want to remove the image and click on the arrowhead facing downward on it.

4. From the drop-down menu, select the Delete Message option.

5. Next, select the most suitable option from Delete for me or Delete For Everyone.

Wasn’t that easy as pie? 


Remove Multiple WhatsApp Images on Laptop

If you are tired of finding and individually selecting images from the chat window to delete, I have a much more efficient way to empty up your WhatsApp space. This method allows you to select multiple images and audio-video messages and delete them together. 

The steps to delete multiple WhatsApp images files on your laptop are given below –

Remove Multiple WhatsApp Images on Laptop

1. Link your WhatsApp profile from your phone to your laptop.

2. Open the chat thread from which you want to remove multiple images.

3. Once the chat window is open, select the 3 dots from the top right menu.


4. From the drop-down menu, click on the Select Messages option. Now you will notice a small check-box appears before each message.

5. Click on the box in front of all the image messages you wish to delete.

6. Once done, click on the Bin icon at the bottom left side of your screen.

7. Next, select Delete For Me or Delete For Everyone option to conform removal of the selected messages.

This is all you need to do in order to remove more than one WhatsApp image from your laptop. Here, you must also note that you can only select media or messages from one chat window at a time.

If you switch to another chat before deleting the selected files, they will be de-selected and remain on your WhatsApp.

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Images Using Media Tab in Laptop

To your surprise, there is another much easier way to delete media from WhatsApp via a laptop. With this method, you can see all the media files in one place and select those you want to remove quickly.

Let us look at its steps in detail –


1. Launch your WhatsApp via the Desktop App or web browser.

2. Select the chat which has the media you wish to delete.

3. Next, click on the topmost tab with the name of the chat window.

4. You will now see a side window with all the details about this chat profile. Scroll down to the Media, Links, and Docs section and click on it.

5. All the Media files shared over the chat will be visible under the Media tab. 


6. Move the cursor over the image you want to select and click on the tick icon. 

7. Once satisfied, hit the Bin icon on the top of the side menu. Then click on an applicable option from Delete for Me or Delete for Everyone.

How to Delete WhatsApp Images Downloaded in Laptop?

Frequently using the WhatsApp Desktop App or WhatsApp Web portal means you already have a bunch of old images and files saved on your Laptop. You no longer require them, but they are still around, filling up your memory space. 

Hence it becomes crucial that you locate them and finally hit the delete button. But wait, where are the WhatsApp images stored in laptop?

All downloaded WhatsApp images are stored either under the Download section or the WhatsApp Folder in the internal storage from your laptop. This will depend on which WhatsApp medium you use.

If you use WhatsApp Web on Chrome, all the downloaded files will be saved in the Downloads Folder. You can access it by opening File Explorer or typing Downloads after clicking the Windows Key.

Likewise, you will need to look for the WhatsApp Folder after clicking on the Start panel if you use the WhatsApp Desktop App.  


After locating the respective folder, you can select the WhatsApp image file you need to delete from your Laptop.

FAQs on Deleting Whatsapp Images in Laptop

How do I Delete Photos from WhatsApp Web?

To remove photos from Whatsapp Web, you will need to link your WhatsApp account to your laptop and then open The chat Window> Locate the image>open the drop arrow menu> Select delete message> select delete for me or everyone.

Where are WhatsApp Images Stored in Laptop?

All the images shared over WhatsApp will be stored either in the Downloads Folder or the WhatsApp Folder in the C drive.

Does Deleting WhatsApp Delete Media?

Uninstalling the WhatsApp Application or deleting your account will not remove images and other files stored on your device.

Where is the WhatsApp Folder in PC/Laptop?

You can access the WhatsApp folder from the C Drive if you use the WhatsApp Desktop App. The pathway usually remains: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\WhatsApp\app-2.2049. 10\).


This was how to delete WhatsApp images in a laptop. These easy methods will help you manage space and work efficiently from WhatsApp Web and Desktop applications. All you need to be aware of is not to accidentally delete an important file. Else, you will have to ask the sender to send it to you again.