The answer to how to connect AirPods to Dell Laptop lies in the technology called Bluetooth. It is true that with the gift of this wireless connection method, you can connect Apple AirPods to Dell Laptop Windows 10 or any other windows OS version effortlessly.

The Apple Earbuds, when in pairing mode, can connect to any near and capable Bluetooth driver. However, this information is insufficient to pair Apple AirPods with Dell laptops. 


Hence, I will demonstrate the actual steps to connect AirPods to Dell Laptops. Through this guide, I will also show many possible solutions to resolve any issue regarding connecting AirPods to Dell laptops.

Keep an eye on the various shortcuts I have shared here to make the process easier. 

So without further delay, let us answer the daunting question of How to connect AirPods to Dell Laptop?


Steps To Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop

Everyone knows that Apple AirPods is one of the few Apple products that can be paired and used with a non-iOS product via Bluetooth.

The given below are the steps to connect AirPods with any Dell Laptop –


Begin by making sure your AirPods are switched on and ready to pair up.

1. Keep both of your Apple earbuds in the covering case with the lid open.


2. Now press the button on the back of the case to enable the pairing mode. You will notice a white light indicator showing that the pairing mode is activated.

3. Now, move to your Laptop to switch on the Bluetooth setting and connect the AirPods to Dell Laptop.

4. Open the Start window and type out Bluetooth to search for Bluetooth and Other Devices Setting option. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Action Center (Settings) from the Start Menu to select the Devices option.


The flow will look like this: Start>> Settings>>Devices.

Shortcut Tip: Use the Windows + I shortcut to directly access the Windows Action Center.

5. Next, toggle on the Bluetooth from the Bluetooth Setting page, and then head to the (+) sign right on the top of the page to add a new device.

6. Here, a drop-down window will appear with three options: Bluetooth, Wireless display or dock, and Everything else.

7. Select the Bluetooth option and wait until a list of all available devices shows up. From the list, select the name of your AirPods to connect them to your dell laptop. 

Note: Always remember to adjust the Audio Input Setting to Headphone or the respective device name, or else you might hear sound from both your laptop and AirPods.

Shortcut Tip: You can change the Audio Input Setting by clicking on the Speaker or Volume icon from the Task Bar and selecting the respective option after selecting the drop-down arrow.


After completing the connecting process, you can stream endless music, watch audio-video content, and even attend your online meetings anywhere, anytime.

Can’t Pair AirPods To Dell Laptop: Problems & Solution

If you cannot connect AirPods to Dell Laptop, the issue can range from the Bluetooth is switched off to the technical malfunctioning of your Bluetooth/ Dell Laptop.

Take a look at the reasons for being unable to connect your Apple Wireless AirPods to your Dell Laptop:

Can’t Connect Airpods to Dell Laptop

Possible Reasons Preventing you from Connecting Airpods to Dell Laptop

  • Outdated and non-responsive Bluetooth Drivers.
  • Malfunctioning Bluetooth.
  • The laptop is on Airplane Mode.
  • Bluetooth is not switched on. 
  • Uncharged AirPods.
  • AirPods Pairing mode is not switched on.

Solutions You can Try to Resolve the Pairing Issue –

  • Begin by checking if your Bluetooth is on or not. In case it is on, toggles it off and turn it on once again.
  • Check if your Bluetooth version is compatible and updated. 
  • Charge your AirPods.
  • Also, ensure that the lid of the case is open while trying to connect AirPods with Dell Laptops.
  • Make sure to check your Audio Input Setting is in the proper configuration.
  • Try re-pairing your AirPods after closing the Charging case’s lid with both earbuds inside and waiting for 15 seconds.
  • Check if any other device has got reconnected to your dell laptop.

Shortcut Tip: To check the Bluetooth Version on your laptop, follow this path to reach the Firmware version section:

Start>> Search for Device Manager>> Bluetooth>> Bluetooth radio listing>> Advance

Depending on your Firmware version, you can find out the Bluetooth version.

My Dell Laptop Doesn’t Support Bluetooth

If you are unable to see the Bluetooth icon on your Dell Laptop, it might be because your school/office administrator has disabled it on your device or simply because your Dell laptop does not have Bluetooth to begin with.


This section will elaborate on how to connect AirPods to a Dell laptop that has no Bluetooth.

Start>> Settings>> Update & Security>> Troubleshoot>> find and Fix other Problems/ Additional Troubleshooters>> Bluetooth>> Run Troubleshoot.

Start>> Search Device Manager>> Bluetooth>> Press & Hold Bluetooth adapter>> Update Driver>> Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software>> Close. 


Note: Make sure to restart your laptop after updating your Bluetooth driver.

You can use a Bluetooth dongle if your laptop does not have a Bluetooth facility. It looks like a tiny USB plug-in and provides your Laptop with much-needed Bluetooth facilities. 

FAQs on Airpods to Dell Laptop Pairing

Do Apple AirPods work with Dell laptops?

You can connect your AirPods with Dell Laptops. As AirPods work on Bluetooth technology, they can be connected to almost all non-apple devices. However, you have to make sure that your device, like Dell Laptop, has a decent and updated Bluetooth driver. 

Why won’t my Dell Laptop Connect to AirPods?

There are plenty of reasons why your Dell laptop is unable to connect to AirPods, like, outdated Bluetooth drivers, uncharged AirPods, Dell laptop is on Airplane mode, pairing mode is not switched on for AirPods, etc.

How do I Put My AirPods in Pairing Mode?

This is how you switch on the AirPods Pairing Mode: Click the back button on the Charging case for 15 seconds with both earbuds inside it and the lid open. The light indicator on the front side blinks with white light, showing that the pairing mode is on now. 


That is all from my side on how to connect AirPods to Dell laptops. These steps work for almost all users. Though make sure for more technical and complex issues, always contact the Product’s expert team. Now enjoy your music carnival by connecting AirPods to Dell laptops.