An average laptop weighs within 2-8 pounds. Laptops have become a necessity of life, so much so that details like how much does a laptop weigh can’t be ignored.

While considering the average weight of a laptop, you must pay attention to the aggregated weight of the laptop battery, cooling fans, CPU, and other hardware. 


This can help you get the best laptop for seniors in your house or even guide you while selecting a lightweight Djing laptop. As both require lightweight laptops.

But, the benefits of knowing what is a good weight for a laptop aren’t limited to these two insistence. You can use this knowledge to get a laptop suited for work-from-home or to build your dream gaming setup.

The possibilities are endless, all you need to know is what is your budget, purpose, and the size of laptop you want. 


Average Weight of Laptop in KG & LB

Most laptops weigh between 2 Lb to 8 Lb. When converted, the average weight of laptops in kg is around 1 to 3 kg.

It is within this weight limit that you can categorize laptops into 5 types –


These are the slimmest and most lightweight laptops available in the market with a total weight of 2-3 pounds (1-1.5kg).

Chromebooks’ dimensions reach round 8”x11”x0.6” with a screen size of 12-inches. Being feather-weighted, they are known for the ease of carrying around. 


Ultraportable Laptops

Being the most common choice of laptop, the Ultraportable Laptop weighs around 2-5 pounds, this in terms of the kilogram scale would reach a max of 2.5 kg. 

If you prefer to take your laptop for drawing outside, or if you have a writing laptop that accompanies you on your trips, the Ultraportable laptops are your perfect match. 

Thin & Light

In accordance with their name, the thin and light laptops have a sleek body structure and are excellent lightweight laptops for everyday work. 

They weigh more than 2.5 kg (6 pounds) due to their 14-inch screen size and heavier hardware. 

Desktop Replacement

The next in line is Desktop Replacement Laptops, as their name suggests, they are larger when compared to other laptops.

With a massive screen of 17-inches, they weigh 6-8 Ibs or 3 Kg. The extra pounds also account for a heavier battery and bulky hardware. 


Luggables Laptops

These are the giants in the laptop world, with an overall weight of 15-17 pounds or 6-7 kg. In a sense, Luggables are closer than a Desktop PC.

Though a rare choice, you will see few pro gamers falling head over toes for a Liggable Laptop. Their dimensions are 18x13x1 inch.  

Here are some examples of each laptop weight bracket:

Laptop TypeWeight (pounds)Example
Chromebook1-3ASUS Chromebook HP Chromebook 500
Ultraportable Laptops2-5Apple MacBook Pro  Acer Swift Series
Thin & Light6-7The Dell XPS series,  Lenovo Yoga Series
Desktop Replacement7-8Dell Alienware 17 Razer Blade 15 
Luggables Laptops15+LG Gram 14

What Makes a Laptop Heavier?

The components of your laptop that make it heavier include its hardware like the battery size, screen, and display features, the number of ports, and its cooling system. 

It is these more minor elements that, when put together, make up the whole body weight of your laptop. 


Let us understand and discuss each one of them individually: 

Display and Style

Right off the bat is your laptop’s screen. Indeed it is the most visible factor that impacts the weight of your laptop. 

You will notice that gaming laptops for Minecraft or other modern games are slightly heavier than ordinary laptops. This is due to the improved display features in gaming laptops. The increased screen size adds extra weight to the laptop.

In addition to this, the style and case of a laptop also influence the weight of the laptop. If you want a lighter laptop, go for a plastic case one; else, you can select a metal case laptop.

Note: You can measure laptop screen size by measuring the diagonal length of your screen.


The second feature is the battery of your laptop. Remove the battery from a laptop, and you will slightly drop its weight.

A powerful processor and booting system requires a larger battery to run the laptop. Hence powerful laptops can weigh 0.5-1 pound more due to large batteries. 

Cooling System

The cooling system involves materials like heavy metals and large plastic parts, which significantly contribute to the overall weight of a laptop. 


The cooling fans make up for the most weight of the cooling system. Laptops with a better cooling system have larger fans. This means that with larger fans comes more weight. 

You can get the fans removed, but it will leave your laptop open to the threat of heat. 


The input and output portals available on your laptop, though small, can include a significant amount of weight on your laptop. If you want to have a lightweight laptop, look for a laptop with fewer ports. 


Only a few people know how to remove laptop keys without harming the keyboard. Being able to replace a laptop’s keyboard means you can reduce the weight of the laptop.

However, the keyboard is the factor with the most negligible impact on the laptop’s weight. 


FAQs on Laptop Weight

How Heavy is a 15.6-inch Laptop?

A 15.6-inch laptop will weigh around 5 Ibs or 2kg. The weight of a laptop is directly proportional to the size of the screen.

How Much does Dell Laptop Weigh?

A Dell laptop with an optic drive weighs 5 Ibs, while those without 4 Ibs. This value is equivalent to 2.10 kg and 2.30 kg.

What is a Good Laptop Weight?

The ideal laptop weight should be 2 to 3 pounds for an 11 to 12-inch laptop. If your laptop has a 13”+ display, it will weigh around 4-5 Ibs.


The weight of your laptop might not impact your work directly, but it is a significant part of your user experience. No one wants to carry a laptop that weighs more than 3 kg all day long. It is a big no-no when you will be carrying additional stuff.