Music has the potential to increase your productivity. Music can help you relax and put your mind in the appropriate frame of mind, as well as make you feel less anxious and sluggish. This increases the efficiency of your workday.

When employees listen to music, nine out of ten are more productive. According to a study, when music was playing, participants scored higher and finished their most efficient task 81% of the time.


However, it is based on the genre of music you enjoy. If you are interested in music at work, here is a list of music-related apps that are free to help you choose the perfect music for your workplace.

A pro tip is to have a strong internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted music even when you are at home.

10 Best Apps to Install for Office Work

1. TuneIn

TuneIn allows you to find and save local stations as well as listen to them. This is a fantastic alternative for folks who need to locate something quickly. You can also type in the name of an artist, song, or music genre to view a list of radio stations linked to that singer, song, or writing style.


2. Spotify

We’ve all experienced the pleasure of listening to newly released songs on Spotify. The application (which has both a free and a premium edition) has over 30 million songs by well-known and emerging artists. You can make your playlist, follow other people, or find a playlist that suits your mood (e.g. concentration, ease of listening, etc.)

Every couple of songs, you’ll see a little advertising about focus, easy listening, and other topics.


3. Pandora

Another one we have had on this list is Pandora. It is similar to Spotify’s radio function, and both are the most powerful competitors in the marketplace. It is a streaming music application that lets you pick stations based on your top artists and explore new artists. They curate music you like (unlike the Spotify playlists). 

Pandora also has a paid or premium subscription. The free version is limited to small ads and limits the number of times it can skip tracks.


4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a sleekly distinct concept. It’s randomness similar to the social web for music, but it’s an app for music. DJs and users have the option of uploading their tracks, music, and podcasts. You can check out their tracks and follow their followers and favorite tracks or make your own.

5. Musi

Musi is a simple to use app that lets you create your plats based on YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks. You can browse through genres and music, search for popular songs, and swerve.

Moreover, you can also adjust the tone settings. The number of lists you can make is endless; however, it’s not ad-supported randomness.


6. Amazon Music

Amazon is another Goliath having a music app with an incredible assortment. They, like Google and Apple, have access to a big database, ensuring that you always have the most recent songs, albums, artists, and so on.

You can upload up to 250 songs to the app and then have them synced across several devices. It is easy to use, has a fantastic User Interface, and works on a variety of devices.

7. Google Play

The most appealing feature of Google Play is that it lets you upload your music ads-free (exchangeable with iTunes). It is possible to upload up to 50,000 songs along with their music offering.

Google Play is an excellent alternative if you already have your music and want to listen to it with a streaming music app.

8. The Future FM

This is relatively something new. It is a free streaming platform for music and offers DJ mixes, live sets, and live shows from concerts, nightclubs, festivals, and nightclubs. The initial idea is to release long-form DJ content by the best DJs in the world. 

Contrary to the previous applications, it is different by offering a unique music experience. It may not be suitable for every workplace; however, it is certain to keep you entertained.


9. 8tracks

8tracks is a free radio app that allows users to listen to ad-free music in 8-track playlists. You can listen to the most popular and trending mixes, selections of staff members, and more.¬†You can also search for music for songs, artists’ genre, or music style.

10. Slacker Radio

Slacker is a no-cost music application that allows you to choose an artist you love and stream pre-programmed radio stations. It also lets you create new stations and playlists and ensure that you are aware of your top songs, most played songs, and more.


If your team is experiencing an afternoon slump, turn on any of these applications to play around with the music. You will never know how the power of a few Elvis songs can improve your team’s efficiency.