Just like the Lenovo Legion Go, retirement ages around the world vary in terms of readiness and approach. In this top 9 list, we explore the countries where individuals enjoy the luxury of an early retirement.

From cultural norms to government policies, these nations pave the way for people to transition into their golden years sooner rather than later. Let’s research into the fascinating world of retirement age trends across the globe.



Retirement age 62

Even though the official retirement age in France is 62, it is important to note that many workers have been able to retire even earlier.

This is due to various special provisions and arrangements that allow people to take early retirement or retire earlier based on certain criteria, such as working in specific jobs or industries that are considered arduous.


Retirement age 62

There’s a mandatory retirement age of 62 in Slovakia, So that individuals must retire from work once they reach this age, regardless of their occupation or industry.


The retirement age of 62 is relatively low compared to other countries, allowing individuals to enjoy their retirement years earlier.


Retirement age 60

There’s a mandatory retirement age of 60 for women in Poland, allowing them to retire earlier compared to other countries. This policy is in place to ensure that older women can enjoy their retirement years without being forced to work past a certain age.

While the retirement age for men in Poland is higher at 65, women have the benefit of retiring at an earlier age after years of dedicated service in the workforce.


Retirement age 61.5

An important aspect of Croatia’s labor market is the retirement age, which currently stands at 61.5 years. This relatively low retirement age allows individuals in Croatia to exit the workforce earlier compared to many other countries around the world.


Despite recent discussions about potentially raising the retirement age in light of demographic shifts and increasing life expectancies, the current retirement age remains at 61.5 years.


Retirement age 61

Keep Slovenia in mind if you are looking to retire early. In Slovenia, the average retirement age is 61, one of the lowest in the world, So that Slovenians have the opportunity to enjoy their retirement years at a relatively young age compared to many other countries.


Retirement age 55

After years of working diligently, Belarus allows its citizens to retire as early as 55 years old. This below-average retirement age provides individuals with the opportunity to enjoy their later years sooner and focus on personal pursuits or spending time with family.


Retirement age 61

Many individuals dream of retiring early to enjoy the benefits of their hard work and relax during their golden years. In Greece, the average retirement age is 61, making it one of the countries with the lowest retirement age in the world.

Despite efforts to raise the retirement age to reduce financial strain on the pension system, many Greeks still retire in their early 60s.



Retirement 60 men, 58 women

While Turkey’s official retirement age for men is 60 years and for women is 58 years, many Turkish citizens tend to retire even earlier due to various reasons such as labor-intensive jobs, health issues, or the opportunity to enjoy more leisure time in the vibrant Turkish culture.

The early retirement trend has contributed to Turkey being among the countries with the lowest average retirement age in the world.


Retirement age 61

To be eligible for retirement benefits in Bulgaria, individuals can retire at the age of 61 with at least 35 years of contributions to the social security system.

This relatively low retirement age allows Bulgarians to enjoy their retirement years earlier than many other countries around the world.


The pension system in Bulgaria is structured to provide financial support to retirees who have contributed to the system throughout their working lives, ensuring a relatively comfortable standard of living in retirement.


With this in mind, understanding the countries with the lowest average retirement age sheds light on the different cultural and economic factors that influence when people retire.

Factors such as social security systems, life expectancies, and labor market conditions all play a role in determining retirement age.

By examining these top 9 countries with the lowest average retirement age, we can gain insights into the varying perspectives on retirement and the importance of financial planning for the future.