Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor For My Ps4?
Yes, you can use your laptop as a PS4 monitor by using the PS Remote Play App or a capture card.


Utilizing a laptop as a monitor for PS4 is not new in the gaming community. Instead, many experienced gamers in my circle prefer using a laptop monitor for PS4 over a PC. 

This not only makes the gaming setup less bulky but also makes it more movable. Imagine using your laptop for Minecraft’s adventure or COD epic battles.


But the question remains: what are the steps to use a laptop as monitor for ps4? 

This article will show how you can use any laptop as a monitor for PS4. So let’s kick start with the steps to turn your laptop into a PS4 monitor.

Look for fun and functional tips to level up your laptop as a PS4 monitor.


How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop to Use it as Monitor?

To use your laptop as a monitor for PS4 gaming, you can utilize one of these methods, using a Capture Card, or installing the PS Remote Play Application.

Gaming can be heavy on your budget. Not all can spend on a full PC gaming set up to enjoy PS4 games.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to. You can get any gaming laptop under 800 dollars and pair it up with your PS4 and play as much as you desire.

So without waiting for another second, let us unlock each method individually and level up the gameplay: 


Use a Capture Card

EVGA XR1 lite Capture Card

Recommended for OBS, USB 3.0, 4K, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

Using a Capture card will enable to solve the issue of not having an input HDMI portal. A capturing card is used for enabling video streaming to external monitors. And the plus point of using a capture card is that it will cost you around 40 to 100 bucks.

Furthermore, they are movable, you can use your laptop as PS4 monitor anytime, anywhere.

The following steps will show how you can use a Capturing card (CC) to turn your laptop into a monitor for PS4 –

Step1: With a type-A USB, link your laptop and the capturing card and install the required software on your device.


Step2: With an HDMI cable, connect the CC with our gaming console. Make sure you put in the input HDMI to the capture card and plug in your PS4 with the HDMI output.

Step3: Enable file sharing on our PS4 from the Settings menu.

Tip: Make sure your laptop and PS4 are connected to the same network.

Step4: Finally, run the Capturing card on your laptop.


With that, you will see your game appearing on your laptop screen. This indicates that you have successfully connected the laptop monitor to PS4.

Install the PS4 Remote Play App

Before you unravel the steps to use laptop as monitor for PS4 with the Remote Play app, make sure you only use updated software on PS4.

If it is not, click on the System Software Update option to update the PS4 system. In addition, be sure that your PS4 console is on all throughout the process.

Tip: Cleaning, rest, hardware updates, and cooling determines how long does gaming laptop last.


Here are the steps to use laptop as your PS4 screen monitor: 

Step1: Through your web browser, install the PS4 Remote Play App on your laptop. 

Step2: Next, head to the Settings menu on your PS4. Here, find the Account Management section and click on the Active as Primary PS4 tab.

Step3: After this, go turn on the Remote Play Connection under the Settings menu. 

Note: Remember to make sure that your console is on Rest Mode while enabling the Remote Play settings. 

Step4: Click on Power Save Settings from the Settings page.

Step5: Once the new window opens, head to Set Features Available in Rest Mode and switch on the Turning PS4 from Network from there. 

Step6: Once downloaded, open the Remote Play App on your device. 


Tip: Select your desired Frames per Second and Graphic resolution setting from here to improve your gaming experience.

Step7: Using a USB cable, connect your PS4 controller to your laptop and then to your PS4 console. 

Tip: If you do not have a USB to connect your PS4 controller, click on the PlayStation and Share buttons on it together. Your controller is now connected. 

Step8: Through the Remote Play App, log in with your PS4 console details. 

That is all you need to do to turn your laptop into a PS4 monitor using the Remote Play App. 


Bonus Method: Use PS Now

Play Station Now is the cloud database of the PS system that allows you to game from your laptop. This service allows you to discover and play games. 

All you need to operate PS Now is very high internet connectivity and a subscription to PlayStation Now. 

Note: PS Now has been integrated with PS Plus.

To get the PS Now services, you will need to buy a monthly or yearly plan for PS Plus.

Here is how to do so –

Step1: Go to the official site of PlayStation and select the Shop option from the top menu.

Step2: From the drop-down box, select the Buy PlayStation Plus option.  

Tip: Use this link to directly jump to PS Plus Subscription page.

Step3: Click on the Learn More tab next to the heading: Introducing the all-new PlayStation Plus.

Step4: As the new window loads, tap on the View All Membership Plan bar. 

Step5: Select a desirable subscription plan from the Premium, Extra & Essential plans. 

Step6: Click on Add to Cart option below it. 

Step7: You will need to log into your Sony PS account and then make the payment. 

Once you have the subscription to PS Plus, you will 

Tip: You can use the in-built broadcasting function of PS4 to display your game on a laptop. 

After this, follow this flow: Press the controller’s Share button>>Advance Settings>>Broadcasting Settings>> Laptop name.

This method is essentially for displaying your game recording and hence will come with a slight lag.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if I Plug My PS4 Into My Laptop?

If you plug in an HDMI cable into your PS4 and laptop, there will be no output display. This is simply because the HDMI port on PS4s and laptops are output HDMI ports. Both of them would transmit information to display their information on the screen, resulting in no display.

How do I Connect my PS4 to my HP Laptop?

To connect a HP laptop to PS4, you can use an HDMI cable with an input port on your HP laptop and an output port on PS4. Or Else, you can install the Remote Play App from this link:


That was all you need to know about using a laptop as a monitor for PS4. Here is a short and quick recap of the two processes mentioned above:

  • Connect Capturing card to Console (HDMI) and Laptop (USB)>> Enable File Sharing on PS4>> Connect PS4 & laptop to same network>> Run the CC on laptop>> Play.

Update & Download>> Enable the Settings>> Connect the Controller>> Relax and Play.