The Mac vs PC argument has raged on for a long time when choosing the best WFH laptops. In the end, it’s a matter of personal choice and what you want to do with your computer.

But, when it comes to working from home, are Macbooks or Windows better?


The Mac Versus Windows dispute has raged for over 35 years, with Apple and Microsoft feeding the embers every few years, particularly through marketing.

Which one, however, is best for your job? There is no right or wrong answer, but we’ve outlined the key distinctions and similarities below to help you decide.

Mac Vs PC: Key Differences

A Mac refers to computers that run Apple’s Mac OS (also known as OS X), whereas a PC refers to any device that runs Microsoft’s Windows OS and desktop computers. You may buy and install either operating system on any computer, although most consumers buy Macs or Windows machines.


Ultimately, whether you should buy a Mac or a PC comes down to what you want from your computer.

Pros and Cons of Mac


  • The most frequently mentioned advantage of purchasing a Mac is its ease of use and approachability.
  • Even for individuals who are completely new to computers, Mac OS is more user-friendly than Windows.
  • Mac’s perfect integration between iPhones, iPads, and desktops makes it a no-brainer for anyone who already owns an Apple product.
  • Most Macs have stunning “Retina” screens built-in, making them the better choice for graphic designers, artists, and those using the computer’s visual elements frequently.
  • Macs are highly well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, with a more artistic computing appearance than PCs.


  • While Apple’s price range is broad, and a Mac device can be found to fit practically any budget, its machines are often more expensive than PCs for the hardware they offer.
  • Because Windows is the most extensively used operating system on the planet, Mac computers have far fewer software options.

Pros and Cons of Windows PC


  • The biggest advantage of purchasing a PC over a Mac is that it is less expensive, and it also has a larger price range due to a large number of items available.
  • PCs are much more customizable than Macs, with more hardware and setup possibilities. Because PCs have superior graphics cards and hardware than Macs, they are better for gamers.
  • Because Windows is more commonly used than Mac OS, suitable software is easier to find than on a Mac. Furthermore, navigating software modifications, software development, and other internal system demands is easier on a PC.


  • PCs aren’t as user-friendly as Macs, so they take a little longer to get used to for individuals who aren’t already familiar with the operating system.
  • While PCs are less expensive than Macs, they do not retain their resale value.

Is it Better to Have a Mac or a PC?

While the distinctions between Macs and PCs have faded over time, both platforms are still quite powerful. You’ll be able to complete the same tasks without experiencing any performance issues, such as writing, producing spreadsheets or slideshows, picture, video, or image editing, and streaming videos.

You’re better off choosing a Mac if you prefer Apple’s technology and don’t mind having fewer hardware options. You should acquire a PC if you want more hardware options and a better gaming performance.

Final Thoughts

So, which laptop is better for working at home? Battery life, Wi-Fi performance, and portability are important considerations when looking for a laptop to use while working from your living room or bedroom. Think about the Mac Air or Pro if you want a truly good laptop and your budget permits it. Check out detailed guide on how to choose a laptop for working from home.