When you want to buy work from home laptops, which operating system should you choose?

Purchasing a laptop used to be mostly a matter of choosing between a MacBook and a Windows laptop, but Google’s Chromebooks are now a trustworthy and excellent third option.


Working and studying from home has become the new normal for many people due to the epidemic, as has the necessity for a device that can manage the numerous duties that users are now required to accomplish from home.

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Why Chromebooks are Good for WFH?

Designed for the Workplace

Chromebooks were largely targeted at two groups: schools and businesses. Chromebooks are made to handle battering, both in software and hardware, because these segments are notoriously rough on their devices.


On the software side, Chromebooks were designed from the start to be a lightweight system that is difficult for attackers to corrupt or take advantage of: android apps are sandboxed from the main system, and exploiting Chrome extensions is becoming more difficult with each passing year.

Chromebooks are also upgraded every 6 weeks or so, with improvements handled totally by the system and unable to be turned off by users like Windows updates.


Battery Life

At present, charger time is as valuable as table/desk/counter space, but one of the advantages of Chromebooks optimised for mid-range and low-end specs is that Chrome OS can slurp battery like a 30-year-old cognac and offer a single charge last the entire workday and then some.

How long does a Chromebook’s battery last? The ASUS C436’s battery life is mediocre at best, at 8 hours. The average Chromebook battery life is 10 hours, although some models may last up to 12 hours with no effort.


It’s Simple to Set Up and Adapt

Chromebooks don’t rely heavily on locally installed programmes. Thus, IT departments aren’t required to deploy the software. Alternatively, you might update it. Alternatively, you may support it.

Google upgrades your Chromebook and the Google applications you use on it automatically and regularly by default.

There are no Moving Parts

Chromebooks are less susceptible to mechanical defects due to the lack of moving parts, which means that Chromebook owners should expect improved reliability and durability and fewer repair expenditures.


Chromebooks Can Help you Save Money on Software

For many consumers and employers, Google Workspace — Google’s productivity software suite — can now handle essential computer demands like word processing, email, spreadsheets, and a small daily task like nursing student work management, diary management flawlessly and for a very low cost (Google Workspace starts at $6 per user per month).

That brings us back to our original query: Can a Chromebook be used for work? Finally, as my own experience shows, the answer is dependent on the type of work you need to complete. You won’t be able to effectively utilise a Chromebook for work if you have special desktop utilities you need for your job that don’t have web- or Android-based alternatives.

There are plenty of additional instances, but you get the idea: Having a gadget that takes care of everything you need from the minute you leave the house until the end of the day — whether you’re going to work, travelling for business, or whatever — has its advantages.

The Chromebook may become a uniquely adaptable work-and-everything-else device for a certain user with the addition of mobile apps and all of Chrome OS’s basic features.

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FAQs on Chromebooks for Working from Home

Are Chromebooks Good for Work From Home?

Yes, as long as they’re just utilised for the most basic tasks. The best Chromebook for remote work may be sufficient to operate those essential programs and converse online. The only time a Chromebook won’t suffice is if you are a programmer and need to run intensive programs. You have some programs that require editing, and they may not be compatible with a Chromebook. Due to the nature of their occupations, most persons who work in those fields, digital artist or in IT will use a desktop computer.

Can you Work Remotely on a Chromebook?

The answer is Yes because a Chromebook usually runs on Google’s operating system. You can get work done when you have Android apps and programs that operate on the Google OS. You can utilise Google Office Tools to help you with your work. As long as they are basic, you can compose documents, create datasheets, etc. Don’t forget about simple internet surfing and communication tools for your online sessions and meetings.

Can a Chromebook Replace your Laptop?

Chromebooks are a wonderful option for anyone who uses a computer regularly. A Chromebook, for example, can satisfy your needs if you spend the majority of your time online in your email, reading the web, accessing social media, and watching videos.

Why do Schools use Chromebooks?

Chromebooks have a longer battery life than traditional laptops because of a lightweight operating system and power-saving internal technology. As a solution, teachers and engineering students can use Chromebooks for long periods without finding a power outlet.